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Dallas, TX 75225

What’s good around town?

Perfect Union Pizza

Address: 33B Highland Park Village
Fare: Pizzeria
TRG's Recommendation: Meatball Sliders
Fun Fact: Dough is fermented for 24hrs.


Address: 33A Highland Park Village
Fare: Italian-American
TRG's Recommendation: 100 Layer Lasagna
Fun Fact: Each pasta is made by hand

Billy Can Can

Address: 2386 Victory Park Ln.
Fare: Texas Flare
TRG's Recommendation: Victor Tango Cocktail
Fun Fact: Every element of the restaurant was handmade by local craftsmen and artists

The Charles

Address: 1632 Market Center Blvd.
Fare: Loosely Italian inspired
TRG's Recommendation: Cascarecce Amatriciana
Fun Fact: Local Artist custom painted murals on the walls, an interpretation of panels in the Vatican